Our fully equipped data centre meets our company’s and productions current and growing needs.

Our facility consists of:

  • Virtualized data core for all server operations to control the operation of critical services onsite
  • Two fully functional industry standard HVAC system’s as failover and not allow hot spots
  • Control of BMS/IDS and CCTV onsite
  • UPS power backup linked to  battery room and diesel backup to data centre and 10 mini-server rooms
  • FMP 200 fire protection for data protection needs
  • Option for hosting servers within our server farm
  • Option for data storage and backups for all data needs for production
  • 10GB/20GB fibre backbone between core and edge switches
  • Over 700 active network endpoints with room to handle up to 1200 at present for all data and phone needs
  • 4 Fully functional switchboard with over 300 programmed extensions with local, mobile and international barring as needed.
  • Fully integrated phone system with detailed automatic reporting on daily, weekly and monthly usage
  • High Speed data links from data centre offering speeds from 30MB-155MBS
  • Wireless coverage 802.11 B/G/N
  • Option for mobile solutions for voice and data for offsite shoots
  • Media transfer services using Media Exchange for daily rushes



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